Core on W7 HP Ex 490 home server

I am a new subscriber to Roon for my home music streaming system. My question or request for guidance is if and how I can install the Roon core on my home server (HP EX 490 running with the old Windows home server os (I guess it is some sort of W7)). The server is connected to the asus router. The server keeps my music library, about 2000 titles mostly classic music. The library is operated via a Linn system: Linn Kazoo on a Ipad andstreamrd wireless to an Akurate DS to the speakers. Tidal supplies streamed music to the system. The ipad also have the Roon app. I have made a temporary installation of roon core with a pc running on W10/64 an connected to the server. For certain reason I believe it would be more convenient to have core direct on the home server. I appreciate roon to have better interfaces an preferable before linn kazoo as it now is.
Best regards

I doubt it will work. WHS v1 is based on Windows Server 2003.

Also, the CPU in the EX490 is a very early Celeron model. I don’t think it would have enough grunt even if the OS was compatible.