Core or Sever any improvements to be had?

There are lots of threads about this but most talk about using the PC USB to a DAC.

My question is which is better, I run an i7 laptop with Core installed to my Lyngdorf TDAI3400 via the network rather than USB . Works brilliantly however I’m not sure if I should install Roon server instead. I’m happy to and opten use the Roon remote on my Android table to control roon (laptop lid closed so easier on the tablet) so don’t mind about loosing the GUI.

Just wondered if there was any advantage to dropping into roon server?

Thanks in advance!

Mikey what do you currently use as a server/core

What is it that you are trying to achieve?


Your i7 laptop is running Roon Server ‘Core’. The advantage of a dedicated Core (running Roon Server on Windows or ROCK) is that your laptop would be free to do other things or sleep while music continues to play.

You could continue to use the client GUI on your laptop to control the new Core machine, as well as your Android.

One isn’t necessarily better than the other.

Thanks for the replies. I’m happy with how things are working at the moment just wondered if there was an advantage to running server vs core for me.

I think the answer is no, just a GUI

I’m using my i7 laptop currently might move it across to an older laptop but I don’t think it will be powerful enough as it’s pretty old 6+ years and a celeron processor.

Just checking I’m using the system the best way

Mikey I would avoid a Celeron type processor so you are probably better where you are.

If you are serious about the number of zones and if you plan to upscale your music and apply DSP then long term you would probably be better to go down the Rock route.
As it is as long as you are happy with the seup then keep with it.


Thanks Mike,

Yes I was thinking the same, but I thought I’d throw it out to this great community and thanks for your replies!



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First up, a screenshot from ROONs download page, just to be clear on the vocabulary:

First make sure to back up your database in ROON, then you install ‘ROON_SERVER’ in addition to ‘ROON’ on your laptop.
Choose ‘ROON_SERVER’ as the core and ‘ROON’ as the remote.
‘ROON_SERVER’ will be started in the background whenever you boot your laptop.
’ROON_SERVER’ offers no GUI, so less resources are consumed.
Start ‘ROON’, whenever you need the GUI to dive into DSP configuration or other interactions not exposed on small screen remotes.
Use your ANDROID remote for regular music control.
Have fun…

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If it’s working great leave it alone. :grinning: