CORE/ROCK help for a new ROON

Multizone works for like for like streaming protocols. You cant group airplay devices with non airplay devices. If using Roon Ready on CXN then you can group with other Roon ready appliances. To group it with apple tv or other airplay devices you need to enable the airplay output in Roon and use that. You then shoukd be able to group the rest.

Yes, it seems that the CXR120 only streams via Cambridge Connect/StreamMagic apps. My assumption that roon would be able to utilize AirPlay was incorrect. Using Tidal direct via an iPhone/iPad does not work either so it seems that the CRX line has a very limited ability to stream. Cambridge are very slow responding about roon capability questions, I suppose they are Not overly happy about the and getting quite a few these days.

In terms of the AirPlay grouping of zones I found the reason I couldn’t group the Apple TV with the CXN/851N in AirPlay was simply because I hadn’t set up the Apple TV’s settings in Roon.

At this point while I definitely like the roon software, I will admit it hasn’t been able to address many of the issues I was hoping It would due to hardware/endpoint compatibility issues. And in fact it has added issues that were not there before, like playing my NAS located Hi Res files at their full capacity on the CXN. It isn’t the slam dunk I had hoped for and I will have to do some careful consideration as to whether it is worth the cost. To really make it shine I suspect I would have to change some hardware which is exactly what I was hoping to avoid.

Thanks again for the responses.

Perhaps you do not have to change some hardware, but you do need to add (is CNX v1 or v2?) a Roon bridge to connect the CXR120 and the CNX if it is V1. I would recommend a Raspberry Pi with RoPieee, low cost and works a treat - it is fit and forget.

Roon would then allow you to control all your multiple endpoints from a common interface, and also very usefully enable you to play different music on different endpoints at the same time from a single source (TIDAL, Qoboz or local library) using a single account (ie 3 different albums or playlists from TIDAL at the same time). So increasing the scope and utilisation of a single streaming account.

I assume the endpoint has to be roon ready to have this work. My CXN V1 does not change the volume of my CXA80 from roon, only the StreamMagic app. So I have to use two apps or the equipment remote which is not ideal. Are you saying volume will work in roon if I add an endpoint like a ropieee?

No I am saying that you can make virtually anything a Roon endpoint by using a suitable Roon Bridge like the HiFiBerry HAT on a Raspberry Pi running RoPieee. Yes I too had to use the CA app to control the volume when I had to use the RoPieee bridge to connect my 851N / 851A to Roon, but it is a non issue, truth is you change volume rarely, and when you grab your remote you have to wake it up so no big deal to open the CA app to change volume if Roon already playing.

Now 851 is Roon Ready, volume control is via Roon remote, but it really does not make that much difference in real life usage. Certainly nowhere near a deal breaker, given all the good stuff having Roon gives you.