Core running on QNAP - Can I play audio out the USB's?

Hi All,

Is anyone running Roon core on a QNAP and playing music out of the QNAPs USB into a DAC?

I’m running QNAP TVS-871 (i3).

In the Roon GUI it shows 3 HDMI audio devices and listed as ALSA.


What DAC are you trying to use?

Well haven’t chosen one yet, so just seeing if it’s possible before I buy one.

If it works, might get an Allo usb dac?


USB will only show up once a DAC is plugged in. You will need a DAC to test functionality.

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Allo aren’t usb they are add ons for raspberry pi that turn it into a networked DACs that output USB or analogue.

I’m happy to report it works well!!

I my old NAD 1050D desktop DAC and plugged it into the QNAP USB port.

Straight away Roon saw the DAC under Audio and “Connected to Core”.

Very happy, as the NAS is always on… and if it isn’t, there’s no roon core anyhow haha.

FYI for anyone else, I’m running QNAP TVS 871 with (2019/03/08).

Thanks everyone.



Yes it will work,
Since Qnap is Linux operated ,there is no need too additional driver etc.
I connected my dCS U-Clock Puccini SACD Player & DAC to one of rear Usb ports of my TS-470 Pro.
Under Roon Audio menu it shows the dCS.If your Dac is DSD capable, choose ‘‘DSD over PCM 1.0’’ settings.


This isn’t working for me. Qnap TVS 473 USB out to McIntosh integrated amp (MA 6700) with internal DAC. Qnap’s Roon interface recognizes the amp:

but the amp doesn’t show up on any Roon controllers (PC, iPhone) to enable the audio output. I managed to get the USB audio output to work with Qnap’s own Music Station app at one point, just not with Roon.

Anyone have any ideas?

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