Core Update 'lock'

Please consider a mechanism to prevent the Core from being updated inadvertently.

The current system of disabling automatic updates is somewhat negated by Roon displaying a popup about installing software updates, which can be instigated by anyone in the household from any remote device. It would be great to be able to more reliably control the process.


It may be something to integrate into an enhanced profile / user management feature set - something like a “Master User” with admin privileges.

It would also be nice of those forced updates didn’t destroy previously-working functions, like Radio:

That was a server issue…

Still, it got me to seek and find the Automatic Update setting, and turn it Off.

Roon is not a static finished thing, it is always evolving and fine tuning. That’s a feature and advantage and there is no point not upgrading even if you delay a few days. You will need to upgrade.
We are on 1.6 now, look back, would you be happy with 1.3 and would it still work properly when back end changes make it incompatible?
Just a thought.

This is simply about controlling when an update happens. Roon already offer a preference to disable automatic updates, but that is easily inadvertently overridden by any user of a remote that clicks on the ‘software update’ notification.

Whether someone wants to hold out on an older version should be up to them. If it stopped working they’d have a clear choice to update or find another player. I think people are grownup enough to make their own decisions…

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Two points why it seems understandable to me why some ask for an update lock:

  1. Some might simply want to be in control of the Roon installation - at least in their household. (@hifi_swlon just beat me in explaining this above, but well …)
  2. Software has teached us again and again that often it’s a rather good idea to wait a little before installing an update / upgrade. Roon - that’s my impression - does not teach us otherwise. :wink: And I don’t believe there won’t be enough early adopters so the cautious ones wouldn’t be able to profit – like I’m not sure if I could wait to install a new release when there’s one to have. :slight_smile: