Core vs. Remote PC - which streams Tidal?

Perhaps a strange question. First, my setup:

  • My Core is Desktop PC running Win 10 and wireless network connection.
  • I have a separate Desktop PC endpoint (set up as a Zone) connected to my 4KTV and my audio equipment, and has a wired (ethernet) internet connection. I use it to browse my Roon library on the big screen and send the audio through my main system.

Question: When I play Tidal streams in Roon on the endpoint PC (or initiate them from a remote and throw to the endpoint PC Zone), is Tidal being downloaded by the Core machine over wireless and then streaming it over the network to the endpoint PC, or does it simply use the endpoint PC’s wired ethernet connection to stream Tidal?

I should say that I haven’t noticed a difference either way, but I am upgrading to a better audio system where the endpoint PC will be connected directly into the amp as a source. I’m worried if Roon accomplishes Tidal streaming back and forth (i.e., through the core and over wireless vs. using the endpoint device’s wired connection) that I will experience quality loss when streaming higher quality music.

Hope I made sense, or maybe I have a conceptual error about Roon architecture.

Anyway, first post - new user to both services and loving Roon with Tidal. Thanks!!

Everything goes through the Core.

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Mark is correct. Regardless of what you control from and where your endpoint is all data is received from source (tidal/NAS/Usb share etc) and passes through the core to the endpoint where the dac is.