Core zone vanishes, core zone setup screen rarely accessible

My audio setup is an external drive holding my music files (approx 22,000)–>eSata cable->control PC with wifi off and hard-wired internet connection/Windows 10 64bit/Jplay/Fidelizer/PC Optimizer/Roon version 1.3 build 276 64 bit–>LAN cable to Audio PC with no internet connection/Windows 10 64bit/Jplay/Fidelizer/PC Optimizer–>ifi iUSB 3.0 Reclocking Device->Resonessence Labs Concero HD USB DAC

I cannot reliably go to the device setup screen for my core zone. (No problem with other 3 zones.) When I try, the screen will only sometimes appear. Usually, it’ll appear for only a split second or not at all. And, after the attempt to call up this screen fails, the core zone disappears from the zone list. Restarting the control PC will return the zone.

I wanted to go to this screen to increase the resync value because the beginnings of songs, about the first half-second, never play.

Another problem: I also frequently lose connection–like every few minutes–to the core when using Roon 1.3 build 276 64 bit on my iPhone 6+. This problem comes and goes,

All firmware on my network router and WAPs are current as of 12/13/17. All Windows updates and drivers and bios are current on both my control and audio pcs as of 12/13/17.

Hi @Dennis_Hartwick ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, let’s try to address one issue at time, just to avoid any confusion during the troubleshooting process :wink: If I am understanding your first issue correctly, you try to access the “device setup” screen for your “system output”, it either shows up briefly or not at all, and afterwards the zone disappears completely. Correct? Can you trigger this response from both of your PCs (Core machine and “Audio” PC)?

If the mentioned behavior is readily reproducible I would like to enable diagnostics on your account so our techs can try to understand why you are experiencing. With this in mind, may I very ask you to perform the following:

  • Try to access the “device setup” window and note the time of day when it struggles to display.

  • Next, note the time of day when the “system output” disappears from the application.

  • Restore the “system output” zone by restarting the control PC and note the time when it becomes available again.

Once I have a clear sense of the time frames when the issue occurs I will go ahead and enable the mentioned diagnostics.


Hi Eric,

I don’t know what you mean by triggering this response from (do you mean the response of…?) my core PC or my audio PC. I don’t use my core PC itself. It sits undisturbed on my stereo rack. I don’t have roon on the audio PC at all that I remember. I never touch the audio pc as it also sits undisturbed on my rack. I access roon via my iPhone or via two other PCs.

Following are typical actions I take to get to the synch settings page and the resulting problem:

From iphone 6+: settings->audio->gears icon next to Jplay Driver output device->device setupbrings me to a screen that shows “Connected to Core” but then blank white space where 4 output devices would normally be listed or that screen doesn’t show at all and “Lost Connection” pops up

Or from a remote PC running Room:
Settings->audio-> gears icon next to Jplay Driver output device->device setup->loading window appears but the page never loads. This happened at 9:16PM today and the “loading” window was still there at 9:23. I clicked a couple of times outside that window to make it go away. Then, at 9:24 I again went through the sequence of actions starting with “settings” and the device setup page appeared for about 1 second and then vanished and I was left staring at the settings W510MUSICPC screen. At 9:27 I selected the gears next to JPLAY Driver (one of the 4 devices listed as connected to Core). I selected Device Setup and another screen appeared for a split second and then I was left with the screen the settings W510MUSICPC screen. This is a milder result. Sometimes in my attempts to access device setup JPLAY Driver disappears altogether.

Also, today and yesterday I did manage to get to the sync setting page but the changes I made didn’t stay after I pressed save both times. The setting reverted back to 1 second.

Please have someone remote in because typing up this account is tedious, time consuming and, I fear, difficult for you to follow.

Hey Dennis,

Sorry for the trouble here. Eric enabled some diagnostics on your account and mentioned this to me so I took a quick look.

I am seeing some issues in the Core machine’s logging, so before we proceed with any other troubleshooting, I’d like to resolve that issue.

What I want you to do is shut down your Roon Core, then go to your Roon database on the Core machine, and find the following folder:

/[Roon Database Folder] /Database/Orbit

Delete the contents of the /Orbit folder only, then restart your Core.

Then let us know how many of the issues you mentioned above are still occurring – I’m sure we’ll be able to resolve all of them, but we may have to do it one by one :slight_smile: Your patience is appreciated!

Hi Mike, after doing what you said the iPhone Roon stays connected with the core. One down!

Trying to access device settings for JPlay from the iPhone—the other problem—it never got there. I exited out of the attempt by tapping the iPhone screen and all was well. When I attempted to get into the device settings via a third PC (i.e. not the control or audio PC) Roon failed and the core vanished as a zone. As was the case before deleting the contents of the Orbit folder, restarting Roon on the core PC didn’t bring back the core zone. Restarting the core PC worked.

Thanks for the help. What’s next?

Maybe I spoke too soon. My iPhone has lost connection 3x since my last message… It’s been in the same vicinity, +/- a couple of feet. It recovers the core fairly quickly, though, by itself…

Hi @Dennis_Hartwick ---- Thank you for following up with us and sharing your observations as giving the proposed test a go.

Moving froward, I would like to re-enable diagnostics on your account but first I wanted to check in and see, “where things were at”, after your most recent post. Let me know and we can proceed from there, many thanks!


Hi Eric, the problems are still there.

Hi @Dennis_Hartwick ---- Thank you for getting back to me! The follow up and insight are both very appreciated! Sorry to hear of the continued troubles.

While I can certainly make suggestions on how to troubleshoot these issues, given the fair amount of complexity in your setup (i.e multi computers, additional audio utilities, etc), this process can indeed take some time given the nature of the problem(s) being reported.

In the interest of expediting this process, I would like to recommend removing as much complexity from your configuration as possible so we can try to isolate the variable (or variables) that are causing problems (i.e remote connectivity and UI issues). For example, a good starting point would be to try streaming from a single PC, or perhaps disabling all additional audio utilities. If you find an improvement in that setup, try adding back the utilities one by one, or bring the other PC back online.

I know it sounds time consuming, but we’ve found over and over that this type of testing helps us identify the problem much faster than guessing about where things might going awry. Let me know what you think. Many thanks!


Hi Eric, that’s a logical approach to troubleshooting that you suggest and maybe that’s what I’ll be trying next. However, I’m wondering if there aren’t some informed conclusions to be drawn from what we already know (e.g. basic network dos and donts, are they being followed?, iPhone far more problematic than PC as far as losing core connection, accessing other zones’ settings is no problem). Perhaps you’ve considered all of these already and they would be barking up the wrong tree. I also seem to recall something about Audiophile Optimizer not being a program that one can simply turn off. I think we’re at a point where writing to one-another is inefficient and we should be talking. Do you guys offer that kind of tech support?

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