CoreAudio Exclusive Mode on MacBook [answered]

Is CoreAudio Exclusive Mode just available when using an external DAC? Or is it possible to use when using a MacBook alone? I can only get the Output to be OS Mixer. But maybe that’s all it ever can be without an external DAC.

Thanks in advance for clearing this up!

It should be available in device settings for system or built in output. It’s under Playback tab.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks, Greg. I think I’ve done that.

But I see the following when I play music

I know that Roon doesn’t have exclusive control of the audio because I can hear other applications, like YouTube, when I play them.

Any ideas?

Thanks again!

Looking at your signal path, you are still outputting to System Output (OS mixer) instead of Built-in Output (exclusive mode). Can you change the zone you output to? (Speaker icon bottom right in the black bottom bar).

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Thanks, Rene! That did the trick!

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Exclusive mode should be available for any device connected to your Core that Roon is controlling directly.

It is not available when playing to System Output, which by definition involves playing to the operating system’s mixer (ie, not exclusive :wink: ). Hope that clears it up!