Coronavirus lockdown reduces UK ground motions

I wondered why I found Townsend seismic isolators so useful.

Worldwide phenomenon of the current times. Not entirely sure what it means, but it seems scientists maybe able to learn more about the earth’s interior or gain new data relating to earthquakes during this period.

It is interesting. Of the positives that have come of this, such as air quality/pollution, it seems such a shame that once this truly passes it will be business as usual and nothing much learnt.


Almost as good as turning off all lights at night on Earthday; we can see the stars again.

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I find it amazing that it takes something like this to prove that ground born vibrations from traffic and industry is so bad. It’s something that We have talked about in the audio world for years. Perhaps that’s why spikes were in my opinion good in the past when there was less traffic and ground born vibration and suspension appears better in more recent times.

I think that it’s been well known for many years how difficult it is to isolate from low level rumble at those frequencies. IIRC, I read about it when reading the story of why the Hubble Space Telescope’s primary mirror was (perfectly) the wrong shape. The measuring rig could pick up a truck at 50 miles (or something like that). It was really eye opening.

I never knew that but I’m finding it all all very interesting.

I should clarify that the reason for the wrong shaped mirror was a bit of chipped paint on part of the measuring apparatus which meant that it wasn’t aligned correctly, not the rumble; but the rumble dictated when they could do the measurements.

Lets face it - the planet and all the other animals on it would be so much better off if our species ceased to exist.

I dunno, seagulls and rats may have to go back to ‘working’ For their supper then.

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