Correct Codec for ROCK

I will be installing onto a NUC513RYK with 8 gig of RAM and a 250 gig SSD. Can anyone point me to the correct codec file location? I have tried all the links listed in the support articles but trying to find the correct file for a 64-bit Intel escapes me. I see the i686 which I assume is 32-bit. Every 64-bit file I see has AMD or ARM associated with it. I know it wouldn’t be AMD for an Intel chip but after that, I am lost. Thanks for any help.

If you follow:

you should find everything needed.

For a NUC, you’d for instance need the ffmpeg binary from the package named ffmpeg-git-i686-static.tar.xz and place it in the codec folder of your ROCK.

Thanks. All I needed was the correct file name which you kindly provided; now I should be good to go.

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In the Linux world, for various historical reasons, the architecture is sometimes called amd64, even when an Intel processor is involved. You want the download labelled ffmpeg-release-amd64-static.tar.xz. I think the i686 file will work, since it’s statically compiled, but that’s the 32-bit version.

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Thanks Allan. That is where I was getting confused. Everything led to the i686 being 32-bit and the AMD part really threw me. I have the correct file downloaded now.

I assume you don’t want to distribute ffmpeg yourself in the ROCK image due to the license used. But what about assisting your less-tech-savvy Linux users by having ROCK include something like the RPM Fusion repo in its repolist and then install ffmpeg automatically from there? (That’s the repo I get it from on my CentOS 7-based Roon Core.)