Correct Path for Backups on USB HDD

I am running ROCK on an asrock Deskmini 310. I have attached an EXT4 formatted USB HD for regular backups of my roon database. I am unsure as to what the correct path is that I need to set for the backups. Here’s a screenshot

I started out with ROCK / 1.44.1-42962 and got failed backups.
Then I set the path to ROCK / 1.44.1-42962 / RoonBackups and now under ‘find Backups’ I get two nested backup directories:

So the question is which path do I need to set to get this right?
Thanks a lot for any hints.

I was able to resolve the issue. The cause of the failures was not the path, but the ID of the USB disk which was off, as I had changed the disk.

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