Correct Sequence for using "Clear Roon Server Cache" Button in Sonicorbiter Web GUI

For example is the right sequence as follows in the i7 Transporter’s Sonicorbiter Web GUI:

  1. “Stop Roon Server”

  2. “Clear Roon Server Cache”

  3. “Restart Roon Server”

Do not click “Reboot” in the i7 Transporter’s Sonicorbiter Web GUI “System” menu.

Is the above correct?

On my i5 I only perform steps 1 thru 3 as you note. I have never used “Reboot”.

If you click on “Clear Roon Server Cache” it will automatically stop Roon, clear the Cache and Restart Roon.

So these steps are not necessary.

Just press “Clear Roon Server Cache” that’s all you need to do.

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Does shutting down the server completely fulfill the same thing or is the Roon Server Cache someting that will survive the turning off of the device?

The Roon Server Cache is a file. Rebooting has no effect on it. You need to delete it if you want to get rid of it.

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