Correct summary info - multiple artists of the same name


New to Roon - was impressed enough within 2 week trial to convert to lifetime subscription. Great product.
So far everything has gone very smoothly, however, I notice for a couple of Artists, the wrong summary info is pulled down because it appears there is / or has been, more than 1 artist with the same name. I can’t work out how to get Roon to refresh / pull down the info for the ‘correct’ artist, even after having edited some artist info to help it identify the one I want.

As an example - the band Soup. Seems there was an older 70’s US band by that name (this is the artist Roon has pulled the artist data down for). However, the ‘Soup’ I have an album of is that formed in 2004 in Trondheim, Norway. Roon correctly identifies their album (Remedies), but the artist summary remains incorrect (the 70’s band).

Anything I can do to get Roon to pull the correct data down?



@Damian_Boys Hi Damian, this was an artist equivalence problem at our end. I’ve made an edit to our metadata for “Soup” which should get pulled into your library within a week. Thanks for the report and for choosing Roon!

That’s great - thanks very much for the fast answer Joel! So should issues like that always be posted here for investigation?

I have another example, actually. For Swedish Band Ghost (example album - Meliora), it seems to be pulling data for a Japanese band also called Ghost.

There are also some bands where no summary data at all is shown - is that because it probably just doesn’t exist in the database? e.g. Finnish band Ghost Brigade (example album: IV: One With The Storm) or Abraham (example album: Blue For The Most).

Many thanks!


Hi Damian. Ghost is a really difficult one as there are an awful lot of similarly named bands to unpick.

The new artist equivalence code that we’ve been working on behind the scenes doesn’t have this problem, not only nailing this specific issue, but essentially solving this entire class of artist equivalence issues. Getting that code completed, tested, and released seems to us a much better use of our time than manually de-convolving artists that we’ve never heard of! Please bear with us on this!

We do have metadata for both Ghost Brigade / IV: One With The Storm and Abraham / Blue For The Most. Have you tried a manual identification of these albums?

The artist details also exist, but are a little thin.

Thanks again Joel - makes perfect sense! (focusing on the new code rather than spending time manually fixing individual issues). Didn’t realise this was happening so that’s great to know :smile:

Re: Abraham / Ghost Brigade - yes, those album are identified but no ‘summary data’ was pulled down for the artist, so I just assume that probably doesn’t exist in the source you scrape the data from?

We do have location and birth/formed date info, but that’s about it. This should be visible on the artist pages?