Correcting album information

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Zen Mini MK3 + LPSU Windows 10 Roon 1.8
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GATO 250 ampli B&W 802 speakers
Description Of Issue

Sometimes, the album information on Roon is incomplete or erroneous. How can one help to correct ? E.g., the album ‘Shafer: 5’ is listed with ‘unknown composer’, while the information is right there: R. Murray Shafer, Five String quartets. This album does consequently not show up in searches on the name of the composer. Neither does the composer show up when one searches for him. The information on the album is correct in Qobuz, where I included it in my library, as I did here on Roon.

Maybe this post can help:

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Thanks so much, @BlackJack for stepping in here and sharing the metadata guide. We’re most grateful :pray: