Correcting merged compositions mistake

I merged two compositions and accidentally clicked the wrong title. I can’t find a way to undo this. Please help!

I have done this several times. I use two methods to fix it.

  1. If you are lucky you can just go through the normal composition un-merge process.
    hamburger → settings → library → un-merge compositions → edit → filter on search string and click un-merge for the miss-merged composition.

  2. On several occasions this has not worked in this particular scenario. In the worse case I have ended up having to move ALL affected album folders somewhere roon is not looking, Clean up library (do not miss this step). And re-import each album one by one. Best case, you can get away with just doing this for the single album folder containing the composition you miss-merged.

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Thanks, Tony, for your prompt reply! The first method worked perfectly!