Corrupt audio file according to roon

I’ve been unable to play several albums as according to roon they are corrupt?!
All of the tracks play fine in itunes, audirvana and plex.
These albums are bought on Qobuz and are in ALAC codec.

please help

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Same issue here.

Interestingly enough most of my corrupt files seem to be hi-res. They are all stored in a subfolder, but that should not be an issue, I think.

Any ideas?


Similar - many “corrupt” audio files reported by Roon, play just fine anywhere else . . .

I buy a lot on Qobuz, as well - wonder if that’s a common factor?

Hey guys, we know the issue and already have a fix waiting to be released, it will be included in the next build. When we roll it out and you guys update to the next build, you’ll want to:

  1. Go to the track browser (“Tracks” on the sidebar),
  2. click “Focus” then “Inspector” then the “Corrupt” checkbox to filter your view to only show corrupt tracks.
  3. Select all (Command-A / Ctrl-A)
  4. Click the Edit menu in the upper right + select “Re-Analyze Tracks”

This will cause Roon to take another look at the files and clear the corrupt flag.

Hang tight!

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btw guys, the common factor was a block in the m4a we didnt know about. it seems qobuz are the only guys that add it. unsure how we missed that one… sorry!


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