Corrupt Database

So after my BSOD episode last Wednesday evening, I am back up and running fine with a new install of Roon. when I try to use the old database/cache the problems start again so the crash affected the database and something in there is corrupt. I had a lot of tagging and some playlists that got lost. Do you think there is anyway I can try to just recover that from the database and if so how do I go about it?

Automatic backup like time machine would sure be a valued feature. My last back up is from Jan 20.

Hi John, there is a scheduled Roon DB backup feature. It’s located under the Setup tab all the way at the bottom, Library/Database Backups.

Are you sure?
The last thing on my list is library maintenance- clean up library.


@rugby I did not see that on my screen, then again I wasn’t looking for it. I’ll check today. I knew they were working on getting it done.

I hope I can salvage some of my database, if not then I can restore the Jan 20 back up and just add the tidal albums manually that I added since Jan 20.

Nope, no backup feature here (running RoonServer 1.1 build 102 on a headless Windows 10 setup)…

None here either. Roon core 1.1.102 on a MacMini OSX Yosemite

I think you’re running an Alpha / Beta (not for public consumption) release of Roon, or ?

@rolski yep you are right. Sorry guys, I didn’t realize it hadn’t gone live. The option is coming and it’s been pretty solid for me.

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