Corrupt files from Tidal?

Hi , I am receiving files that download automatically that are corrupt. An example is the entire Frank Zappa catalog is downloaded. Most of it I can’t play. Should I delete them all? Some of them I would like to keep available, but again most of them don’t play.
Thanks, Brian

Have you tested them using FLAC?

Hi Evan, actually they may be more to this story. They may not be from Tidal at all. These albums that show up are AIF files. If they are Tidal they say “Tidal” in upper left. An example is Japanese “pressings”of several Emerson Lake and Palmer albums that I know I’ve never owned. When I attempt to play them I get “transport: failed to load media”. They don’t play. All my music was in FLAC files.

Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian, I have had two albums from Tidal that I have purchased where a track on each album had sections of the song that was jumbled/skipped. These were purchased albums and I had to email Tidal help desk and have them reset my download link.