Corrupt FLAC files

Just purchased Jerome Sabbagh Album The Turn from HDTracks number of these FLAC files came as corrupt in Roon. Jriver and others played fine. However, i did some tweaking with KORG Audiogate (conversion from original HDTracks source to my NAS as same 192/24 “conversion” and corrected metadata with Tag. After that files where in non-corrupt stage. Maybe something funny in their metadata. This was 4 corrupt files out of 8. No other corrupt files in 2500 Album NAS.

Were you converting/ripping directly to the watched folder in roon?

If so, the files will show up “corrupt” as long as they are still in the conversion/ripping proces. As soon as the total proces is finished all files will show correctly.

This is due to the fact that roon scans in real time, so it will see incomplete files temporarily as corrupt.

What I meant that original files purchased from HDTracks showed corrupt, after “conversion” to Roon watched folder they became non-corrupted.