Corrupt Music File?

I have a music file “Guitar Man” by Bread - it is a HDTracks 192khz file. It is showing as “corrupt” in Roon. I deleted the file and retrieved it from my backup. The file plays when I click on it (not through Roon - through Groove), so I transferred it back to my regular hard drive. It is STILL showing as corrupt in Roon - I re-analyzed the track, but no luck. Any advice?

Hi @John_Hill,

Sometimes there are bad headers on the file that cause this type of issue that can be resolved by using something like dbPoweramp and using the conversion tools to convert from FLAC to FLAC (or whatever file type it is). If you give that a try is there any change?

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Yes, I received a corrupt 24/192 Ken Burrell file from HDTracks that I had to do the same with.

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