Corrupted recent history and playlists

My Roon seems to have developed a bug of some kind that I can’t resolve. Basically albums listed in my recent activity and playlists won’t load and there is a gap of about 2 weeks of saved albums that seem to have been lost since yesterday. I’ve restored a back up, then my iPad wouldn’t work as a remote. Rebooted the Mac, which didn’t solve things. Reinstalled the iPad app, and the remote works but with the same issue I started with, which is also the same in the iMac app. So, I basically seem to have lost a lot of my Library and functionality. Not sure where to from here, any suggestions please?

P.S. I seem to be able to access saved albums through the Tidal and Quobuz sections of Roon, but not though the other menus.

Update: This is only affecting Qobuz albums, These show up in My favourites in the Qobuz section but not in my Roon library and they did before but all of a sudden disappeared.

Can you add them back to library from the MyQobuz section inside Roon?

I have seen this occasionally, and it’s when I know I did add it and for some reason it is now not showing in my Roon library.
Then if I go to MyQobuz and there is a + sign next to album, I add it back again and then it shows up in Roon library… again.

Worth looking at.

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Thanks. Most of the Qobuz seems to have reappeared overnight, though some albums are still missing from my Library. Oddly, favourites are showing, but under the Qobuz profile the same albums show, but don’t have the tick box or favourite tab highlighted. Will wait and see whether it resolves itself. I guess this is a bug of some sort?

@support I’m still having issues with not been able to add favourites in my Qobuz collection that show under Browse - Qobuz to the Roon library, which corrupts my playlists. Also, when selecting the add button for a Qobuz albumn I just get a spinning wheel.

Moved this to the support section .@dylan can we check Mike isn’t suffering from the same issue as others with loss of Qobuz favourites?

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@support can someone help here?


Hi @Mike_Sullivan1, would you kindly use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service)? Thanks!

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Thanks, who do I send it to? I’m not seeing a contact email in the instructions, or on your web page……

Private messages are enabled here, you can click dylan’s avatar and then the message button


Hi @Mike_Sullivan1, I sent you a PM.