Could I install Roon Server though Roon Core installed already?

I downloaded and installed Roon Core a month ago.And Roon Nucleus+ was bought to use recently.
Now I have QNAP TS-453Bmini NAS.I want to download and install Roon Server on my NAS.My music library will be uploaded from my HDDs to the QNAP NAS.
Is that OK?Do you have any tips for me?
Thank you very much.I am look forward to hearing from you ASAP.

If you have a Nucleus+ then you should continue to run Roon Core on that.

You don’t need to install Roon on your NAS to add music from your NAS to Roon, you just need to add a network connection to enable the Core on your Nucleus to see your NAS.

See the “Adding Music from a NAS or Network Share” section on this KB page.

I did it.But failed.Is there a problem on smb connecting setup?Is there a problem on NAS music files path that was input?Or is there a problem on NAS files sharing setup?

Do you need username/password information?


Yes, you need the username/password credentials for the NAS. Workgroup is usually left blank.

Is the IP of your Nucleus? In that case the smb IP you are trying to use,, is in a different subnet behind a router. That may not work even if you use username/password.