Could I request you add new Devices to supported list

Hi I own the Oppo HA-1 Headphone amp and dac, however when I go into the settings to select it under oppo devices, you have the 203 and 205 4k players but not this dac. Would it be possible for you to add this item.

Secondly I use the SOTM 200 Ultra trilogy (Sotm 200 ultra, Sotm sps-500 power supply and Sotm tx-usb ultra)
When I am using Roon it shows the 200 ultra as a SOTM SMS-1000.
It would be great if you could fix this as I know others in my various groups have the same problem and I bought this bit of kit specifically for your software.

Thank you

Generally, manufacturers must provide Roon with the product for testing.

Well with Oppo kinda going out of the audio market and not even producing the oppo ha-1 anymore I doubt that will happen.

Hopefully SOTM is just a bug or something as they tend to advertise each others compatibility a lot.