Could not set up a scheduled backup

I tried to set up a scheduled backup and got the following message

“Failed to get authorization to access my account”

This is not explained in the used guide, so, could somebody help me?

Where are you backing up to, your Roon core Server, another pc?


In an attempt to back up my roon library, At first I drug the Roon library folder from my core iMac to its home screen. Then I set up a WD external hard drive and drug the roon library folder from the iMac home screen to the the hard drive.
After losing the playlists as described below I started all over and created some more playlists and then backed the new library by dragging it directly to the external hard drive.
In both cases When I tried to restore the playlists, I lost them

another thing I don’t understand is how to set up Roon on the Roon website in the first place. I initially went to room, on my iMac, went through the signing in procedure and then Listened to music and added albums etc.? I then set it up as a bookmark and drug the website bookmark to my home screen for easy access. I left room running on the iMac and left the iMac on and used it for several weeks in this mode.Then on occasion when I needed to work on other things with the iMac and then wanted to play roon I would simply click on Roon on my home screen. This worked fine for several weeks but then for some reason When I wanted to access roon I was routed to the standard room website and asked to sign in again abd everything came up except the playlist. This has happened twice and I don’t quite understand it.

How do you store your personal library on Roon when you’re not using it
Thanks for taking the time to try to help me on this very frustrating endeaver

Warren I have sent you a message.


I’m trying to backup to my roon core iMac. I follow the procedure in how to backup in the user guide and then drag the roon folder to my desktop and, from my desktop, to my external hard drive. (I can’t drag the folder directly to the external hard drive)

Russ, My roon core iMac. see my message below

I back up roon by obtaining the Roon library folder in the manner set forth in the users guide. Then I drag it to the iMac core desktop. I’ll leave it there and drag a copy to my external hard drive. Is this the proper way to do it?
Ps I can’t drag directly from the Roon library folder to the external hard drive on the iMac core.

Russ, I should add that yesterday I was able to set up automatic back ups by going to settings / back ups Etc. Also I was able to restore using the same technique. Is this the way to do it