Could some of you guys tell me if your Roon exhibits the same behavior or "bugs" as mine does?

I have reported a lot of problems I have been having in Roon lately and for the past month have pretty much gotten silence. I have had to do multiple restores and reinstalling everything on ROCK. I am still having issues but I don’t know if they are on my end or on Roon’s end. It would really help me out if some of you could let me know if you are having the same issues as I am. This would help narrow down some of these issues to either my set up specifically or if they are on Roon’s end. It would save me a lot of time and frustration. Thanks!

One issue for me is the “Recommended Artists” section on the Home page. I never get more than 10-12 and they are all Artists that are already in my library. Clicking on the “more” button opens up a new page but it only lists the exact same Artists. They almost never change. One other person commented it happens to them too.

My questions is if this is the same for any other users? If it is not, about how many “Recommended Artists” do you get and about what fraction of them are already in your library? Do you use Qobuz, Tidal or both? Do they change?

Next issue is that most of the time I cannot heart a song in the Queue. If I click the heart icon, it will not become filled but if I go to the song in album view, the heart icon appears. Also, many songs that I have hearted in the past do not show up as hearted in the Queue. Has anyone else noticed this? Even on the same list of songs in the Queue, everything will work properly sometimes but most other times it will not

I appreciate your replies and I would like to get as many as possible. Thanks

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I use Qobuz and my impression is also that most if not all Artist suggestions come from my own library. Clicking on “More” gives me 35 suggestions.

iPhone 8 on Home Screen, 21 on more. All in my library. I have Qobuz and Tidal (at the moment).

I can only presume recommended artists is a recommendation to listen to them, i.e. not a discovery feature.


I use Qobuz and have a 2000 ish library of my own rips.

Under recommended artists it is a mixed bag.
Sometimes it will be all ones I already have.

But other days it can/ will contain some totally new artists that I then have to look up on Qobuz.

Does not seem to be any pattern to what triggers it though?

First off, in Roon, there are Picks, the check marks on tracks and albums, which appears to come from and be sourced from giving you curated recommendations.

Regarding recommended artists, if you subscribe to and scobble to, it appears to monitor what you listen to and give you some correlated recommendations, here’s the first screen I see when logging into, read the text under each Pic to see what I’m referring too

Looking at Roon’s Recommended Artists section, I See text under each picture that appears to be similar to what is doing, but only for Artists, read the text under each picture and it appears the purpose of this section is to give you some correlated suggestions:

Unfortunately it does not appear to change very much, I only have 13 suggestions and have not seen any changes in the last day, I’ll keep checking.

Awesome, thanks for the replies so far everyone! Now I know this is not just on my end, but just how the feature works.
@geoB , as usual you have gone the extra mile to give me incredibly helpful data and answers! You are awesome :sunglasses:
Yes! I though about LASTFM as well. I have lastfm scrobling set up in both Roon and in my Qobuz account, so it sees everything I play. When I go to my lastfm page it has my whole listening history saved. Lastfm gives me 60 artist recommendations and they are artists that I don’t already listen to. I really like that and I would say I continue to listed to more than half of those artists. The Roon section and LASTFM do look very similar, but I don’t think Roon uses that from LASTFM because you have to be signed into Qobuz or Tidal for the Recommended Artists section in Roon to appear. It goes away when you sign out. But I am glad that I at least know that it is not something on my end. With all the issues I have with genres and missing images, and everything it is hard to know what is even working as expected or not. So thanks again for confirming that its just how that feature works.

Good point, I didn’t mean to imply that this was supposed to be sourced from Lastfm, but it does look like Roon doesn’t put much into this. But for sure the Picks do come from

right, sorry, I know that wasn’t what you were implying or saying it was sourced from lastfm. That was mostly me thinking out loud. Because you are right that the wording under the pictures just like lastfm, but the pictures are definitely from We got build 758 now so maybe it will mess with the algorithm a bit.

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