Could someone explain Favourites to me like I'm a 4 year old?

Seriously :slight_smile:

Squeezebox user here and I have NO idea how favourites work!
Had a look in FAQs and couldnt find anything.


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You favourite something, and then to isolate favourites you press the favourite (heart) button at the top.

That’s all I do anyway - if there’s more to it than that I’d love to know too!

Ah ah!

Had a play think I get it…

Favourite a track, go into track view, “hit the heart” and all your favourite tracks show up.

Works on an item by item basis too, can favourite track, album, artist and your favourites show up in the individual views?

Very neat Roon guys, I love it!

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Favorites are very flexible, and tags are similar and in some ways even more flexible.

I use tags for things like Sunday Morning Jazz, or Dad’s Albums, or Remasters.

I use track favorites as I’m listening, to flag songs I love. Then I have bookmarks set up for things like “Favorite Tracks Played This Month”, which you can set up using Focus and Bookmarks.

Finally, I use Album Favorites as a sort of “to do list” – albums someone recommended to me, albums I recently added to my collection or want to revisit, albums I recently rediscovered, etc. Pretty much anything I want to come back to later.

Just a few examples of how I use these features, and how they make it super easy to find things to listen to. YMMV, but let us know what’s working for you!

In Album view, after you make a track(s) Favourite a small menu option appears “Play Favourites”. Next to “Play Picks”