Couldn't find the "Edit" button when I select multiple albums in search results

Isn’t it ridiculous? In order to merge albums, I have to first find them in an ocean of albums. I have 600 of them. I have to say, Roon’s UI/UX is horrendous!

No. Incorrect. It isn’t.


I was not exactly hoping the first response to be more constructive than my post. Alas, my disappointment in humanity reaffirmed.

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The edit button is hidden within the menu at the top left of your screen, marked with three vertically aligned dots.

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It’s also not hidden at the upper right side of your screen. So two places. Just curious, why are your albums to be merged located throughout your library? My library started out with about 3K albums and I think I merged two or three that didn’t get identified correctly and they were adjacent to each other. Just curious why yours would be different.

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I wonder the same. One would assume with stray tracks in a separate album bearing the same name, they would be next to each other, no? Curiously, they don’t. That’s the frustrating part. Sometimes, they are no where to be found unless I search for them using keywords. I now use the “favorite” button to earmark the albums when I find them so I could later find them each other on the Favorite page. This is just unnecessarily complicated.

Try albums> select all> sort by album name

Or Focus on one performer

that may hep group them together

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Where do you find that input chain . . . Albums/Select All ?

Go to Albums , right click/long tap on an album

Look in top left and you will see “1 selected” in a drop down, drop it and you will see Select All

Ah, great. Now, I have set the Audio Anaysis parameters to 4 core and throttled. How do I start AA ? How do I check its progress ?

Um, these are mutually exclusive options. You can’t have both selected simultaneously…

AA will run when new files are added to local storage.

Ak, ok. Ever get the feeling Roon could do with a manual ?
Sorry for all the questions but can I ask more . .
OK, I have changed Throttled to Off.
Given that my library was ‘ imported’ when I first installed Roon several days ago, does that I mean I have to copy a new file onto the Mac hard drive ( where all my Flac files are) to get it to start ?

Or can I add a track from Qobuz ? I would have thought though AA could not work with files from a streaming service as it would be changing the metadata. Or does Roon link a streamed file to its own, separate, metadata file.

Well, there’s the Help Center, which has an article explaining Audio Analysis and its settings…

And setting Audio Analysis to “Off” - turns it off. I would just leave it set to Throttled. Then when you import tracks or albums to local storage, the AA engine will run automatically and analyse the files.

Audio Analysis is not relevant for streaming files, only local files.

Thanks. I had looked at the Help topic which did not cover how to stop, start or monitor AA. It did describe what it did and where the settings were ( in their example both parameters are ‘on’).
So, my question is, Roon having already ‘added’ my Flac files to the Library, how do I get it to AA them now, without play8ng each and every one individually ?
I note from other comments that users seem to be analysing all tracks, albeit with the odd problem.
When I installed Roon, it first asked for the location of my music files, before Inwas even aware of AA. Do I need to re-scan ? Is that how to do it ?

Er, the analysis was done when you added the files to your library - you don’t need to do it again. It happens in the background.

When you first add a large number of albums to your library, i.e. during the first import, you can speed up the AA by enabling more cores in the settings. Roon will warn that this might impact playback, so many folks leave the analysis running overnight, and on completion, switch the setting back to Throttled. This handles albums or boxsets added later well enough.

When AA is running, you will see a rotating arc icon next to the Bookmark icon at the top right of the main Roon screen. Clicking on that will give a progress indication. If there’s no icon, AA has completed.

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