Count using Focus Filters

Is there a way via Focus to get an actual count of how you have it filtered? I know at the Home screen you can see Artist/Album/Track/Composer counts. I’m currently curious how my 44/16 tracks I have. I see how to add the 44.1Hz and 16Bit but don’t see an obvious count on Android Phone, Android Tablet or Windows 10 app.

I’m trying to answer the quest of my 95,000+ tracks how many are standard rez.

Thanks and sorry if already answered nothing showed up with my search skills

EDIT: Should add that I’m 100% local library. No Tidal/Qobuz on my end.

In blue on mine

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Wow, I better get my eyes checked. I was too quick to pick the filters and apply them to the track list to even notice the count before filtering out the results.

Now an even bigger question. I assume this is all done on the Core, right? I mean the control is just the display mechanism.

So why the huge difference in track totals between Win10 app and Android Phone???

Is “show hidden tracks” set the same on both?