Couple of iPhone app requests that are there on iPad

I’m using iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPad Pro (2020) as my Roon remotes. Both are quite nice to use, however there are two things that are there on iPad but absent on iPhone app.

  1. the ability to hide shared playlists
  2. on album view the ability to quickly jump to a certain letter


The mobile devices are limited in roon functionality. If you would like a change best to post in feature request.

The Alpha jump is there but a bit hidden

Look at bottom left corner, there should be an A and an up arrow

That will give you an alphabet to jump with


I can find the Alpha jump on iPad, but not on iPhone :man_shrugging:t2:

The iPhone I believe is trimmed a bit due to space , I use an iPad mini which shows it

Sorry to mislead

Another option is the Filter Funnel but it finds the Search String anywhere in the Album Title , better than nothing

If iOS is the same as Android then there is also no filter funnel.