Cover art are not displaying through Bridge II input fed from Roon

PS Audio Directstream DAC’s LCD display stopped displaying album artwork when Bridge II streaming card selected as input after the Roon 1.8 update.
It was just fine before the last Roon update.
Any thoughts?

Hi @Tevfik_Bingel

Since updating have you tried rebooting your Core and the PS Audio? Any change after doing so?

Hi Dylan,
Yes, I have done both.
Someone else suggested on PS Audio forum that I’d keep a dedicated SD card mounted as DS DAC would store album art on it.
I had no clue as previously I did not have an SD card mounted and had no problem displaying album art until the Roon update.

It was the card.
Thank you Dylan.

Thanks for the followup, @Tevfik_Bingel. Glad to hear that you got to the bottom of it! Happy listening :musical_note:

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