Cover art missing for added albums and songs in library, need to re-identify in Roon app (ref#RTM5JO)

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· I'm having trouble adding music to my library

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Hi, since a few weeks all albums or songs I add to my library don‘t have any cover art once they are in my library. I have to go into Roon on my iPad and identify them again. That happens with any streaming provider. I never had problems before. Anything I have to adjust in my apps?
Thanks much. Stefan

Describe your network setup

My router is from TP-link, I have a Roon rock server, streaming is going to several Roon Ready Devices. Playback is fine. It is just missing cover art

Try a server reboot

Have you also tried Settings > Setup > Clear image cache?

Hi sudschulz,

Are you still having issues?

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