Cover art not shown properly on some albums

Hi there,

today i added several new albums i bought on bandcamp and the covers of two of them ar not shown properly in the overview. Once i click on the album the cover art is now shown properly in the album detail window.

Has anyone had the same problem or could somebody please help me?

I’ve been running into this a couple of times as well. (Thought I had already raised the issue but obviously not - that was another case of CMYK troubles… :sunglasses:)

I’ve checked five different occurrences of the issue and one thing they’ve all in common:

the cover images (cover.jpg in my case, typical for bandcamp downloads) all come with a CMYK colour format / profile.

The .256 thumbs Roon creates of those cover images all are in a RGB colour format / profile - and all have the same problem.


In the app:

From the images_1 cache of the Roon core:

Update / note: it happens with a ROCK core. Using a macOS machine as a core, the issue doesn’t appear. @Frederic_Becker - what kind of core do you use?

Thank you for the help!

Yes im using ROCK core. I just opened the image with irfanview and saved it as jpg, then imported it to the ROCK core and did a new scan of the album. Now the cover is shown properly.

why don’t you just use your personalized cover for those two?

I think you can replace the cover both ways. The result will be the same.

That would work, but you would have to convert the cover picture so it has a RGB colour format / colour profile or else the problem would remain.

Hi @bluething & @ndrscr,

I’m going to get a report on this over to our QA team. Would you mind sharing an example of the album art exhibiting this issue here (the actual file that is being imported to Roon) so I can pass it along to the team?


@dylan done. :slight_smile: Added a m4a file with an embedded cmyk-profiled cover which also causes the thumb issue.

I also uploaded my two covers

Thanks @ndrscr and @bluething. We were able to reproduce and passed a ticket along to our team for further investigation.

The last six CD’s I’ve saved to my library of favorite albums from Qobuz, the cover art is not showing. What’s going on?

Hello @Jeremy_Jones, could you please try temporarily disabling your firewall/antivirus and see if the album covers show up?

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