Cover art won't display

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Windows 10 PC, Roon version 1.7 (710)

(as this concerns display on the PC I think the rest of the information is irrelevant)

Description Of Issue
Starting several days ago, Roon stopped displaying images everywhere - Now Playing, Overview, Albums, Artists. I did the following:

  1. Closed and restarted roon - no effect
  2. Restarted computer - roon would not start
  3. Reinstalled roon - now running and playing but art still not displaying
  4. A few album covers do display - but for the wrong album
  5. Changed the settings from Prefer Best to Prefer roon and to Prefer File with no effect

I did search the forum for “art not displaying” but didn’t find anything relevant (though the searches returned so much I might have missed something - hard to look through so many posts)

I should add that all the images do not display correctly on an android tablet or android phone either. Ones that do display on the androids do not display on the PC. Of the ones I have tested, if an image displays on the tablet it may or may not display on the phone.

Clearing the image cache on the remote devices can help sometimes, under Settings>>Setup, see halfway down screenshot below:

This needs to be done on a per-remote basis.

I neglected to say that I had done a Clear Cache, but it had no effect, whether on the Windows PC or the Android devices.

What is your PC spec?

Are you WiFi or Ethernet ?

What graphics card do you have have in the PC ? have you reinstalled the manufacturer’s driver download over the Windows one

The recent Windows update may have caused this ?

Mine is intel integrated and I have see no issues

Not sure why wi-fi or ethernet would affect display on the PC but the PC is connected by ethernet to a cable modem… The display had worked fine and nothing was knowingly changed in the system settings. The graphics card is an AMD Radeon 7400 which has achieved legacy status, but as I said it worked until last weekend and still works for all other apps (youtube, Chrome, MediaMonkey); the only app that doesn’t display properly is roon.

Did you install new drivers (hardware) or software last weekend or during the week before? Was there a Windows update?

I had a USB external drive that was reconnected (nothing roon related on it) but nothing else.and I believe the Windows update preceded the problem by several days. But now that you mention it, the display problem seemed to occur shortly after the USB drive reconnect. I unplugged that USB drive and the art for a album I just added before the unplugging appeared but older art is still not displaying. My limited knowledge doesn’t give me any hints as to how that might have affected the display; any suggestions?

No concrete suggestion. Does a reboot of the Roon Core PC without this external drive restore the pictures? This is just an attempt to find out if it is actually the USB disk, as it is the best clue so far.


I did reboot without the USB drive, but nothing changed. Here’s some more stuff I triued.

I added two new albums; art work for both albums appeared everywhere. But the artist pictures do not - one is an artist new to roon, the other an existing artist.

I copied an album’s files to an unmonitored folder. Deleted the album from roon. Copied the files back to a monitored folder, roon added the album but the art did not display. I then deleted the album from roon and re-ripped it. No album art.

When I go to the Edit Album tab of the Edit three dots and scroll to the Album Artwork section, all I see is the spinning part-circle. Even for the new albums where there is album art, at least one of the Album Artwork options has spinning part-circle.


Would it be useful to delete the roon database (whatever it is called) and have roon start scanning all the folders again? I know I would lose some information, but it is information that either exists elsewhere and can be rescanned (playlists) or can be reenetered as needed. Nothing else seems to able to fix the problem of album and artist art not appearing.

One thing you will loose that doesn’t exist somewhere else is the record of your playtime, and when albums were added to Roon. The voice of experience :wink:

Hello @Stan_Jones, and thanks for your report! Could you please try the following?

  1. Reinstall your graphics card drivers using the manufacturer’s recommendation (not Windows)
  2. Switch to Google or Cloudflare DNS
  3. Once those two are done (and if the issue is still occurring) could you please send me a screenshot of an album cover that’s missing in Roon and a screenshot of the album art in its folder?

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