Cover images doesn't appear

MAC MINI 2012 i7 16G RAM. Roon running on MACOS Sierra 10.12.4.

I’m having problems with many covers not appearing. Instead I only get a black rectangle with a circle spinning in the middle. I don’t get the covers either when identifying the albums again.
I restored a previous backup and the problem seemed to be solved, but it’s here again after just a few days.

Cleaning the image cache doesn’t work either.

Hi @antonio_angel_perdom ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated!

To help in my understanding of this issue may I kindly ask you to please verify/provide the following:

  1. My assumption is that this is only occurring with your personal collection and not TIDAL content, can you confirm?

  2. Where is your library being stored and how is it being accessed? Can you please share a screenshot of your storage tab?

  3. When did you first start noticing this issue? If this behavior has not always been present, can you please provide some insight as to when it started and if anything changed or “occurred” with your setup during that time frame?

  4. Can you take a screen of the error you are seeing?


Hi, Eric

I’ll try to answer your question, and give you a few more clues that may be relevant.

It affects all kind of albums, Tidal and local files. It has a special preference for recently added items, although not all and not only these are affected. It affects also the remote apps (the last screenshot is from the iPad).

My library is stored in three external USB hard drives connected to the Mac Mini, and a NAS drive connected by ethernet to the router.

It began a few days ago. I can’t remember doing nothing in special. In fact I’ve solved momentarily the problem twice restoring some backup, although the solution doesn’t last for long.

I’ve tried cleaning the image cache, changing memory size for photos, re-scaning some albums affected, with no results. As I said, only restoring a previous backup solves the problem for a short time (two or three days).

Here you have a few screenshots as you request. As you can see there are all kind of albums, local or Tidal, and from different storage resources (USB or NAS).

Hi @antonio_angel_perdom ---- Thank you for the follow up and taking the time to answer my questions. The insight is very appreciated!

Moving forward, we would like to take a look at your logs to see if we can pinpoint what is causing this behavior to occur. May I kindly ask you to please follow the instructions found here and dump us a set of logs when you have a chance.

Furthermore, in regard to your storage locations (three external USB hard and a NAS drive) how are things looking on space? My assumption is that you have more than enough, but would like to have you confirm.


Here’s a dropbox link to the logs

Regarding your question I don’t think the space is an issue here. USB drives are all 2Tb, with free space of about 150 Gb, 800 Gb and 400 Gb each. The NAS drive, a 4 TB one, still has around 800 Gb free. What I’m finding now more clogged is the main system drive, a 500 Gb partition, with only 40 Gb free at the moment. Time for some cleaning, I suppose. I’ll make some space and see what happens.

Thanks for your help

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Hi @antonio_angel_perdom ---- Thank you for the follow up! Confirming that your logs have been received and are in our queue to evaluated.

Once we’ve completed our analysis, I will be sure to follow up asap with our thoughts/findings.


Maybe this issue can be marked as solved at last. After some system crashes and reboots I did a memory test, finding some errors. I have replaced both simm modules and now everything seems to be working. All the covers are back as they should. I have still to test this for some days more, but by now it all seems to be working.

Thanks for your help. I’ll let you now if i find something new.


The problems are here again. This time is not a memory issue for sure. This is frustrating.


Hi @antonio_angel_perdom — My apologies for not seeing the “edit” you made to this last post.

I have taken your ticket out of a pending state and have asked my tech team to please provide me with an update. Once I have some feedback I will be sure to update you ASAP.


Did this get solved?

I have closed this topic. Since this topic was last touched in 2017, Roon’s technology on displaying album covers has changed. As such this thread is outdated.

I see you have an open support thread, I’d recommend waiting to see what Roon’s support staff respond with.