Covers and Track Listings, but no audio

I have integrated Tidal into my Roon library for almost two years.

A few days ago, every Tidal track I select and try to play gives me “This track not available from Tidal” even though album covers and track selection show up in my library. Worked great with my Mac Mini (for two years) and with my Nucleus (four two months) until now. Wired network wireless network are unchanged, cables are the same, location is the same.

Only difference? Last week my debit card was hacked; I added a new one. Tidal account is listed as "Successfully signed in; library sync is OK; I disabled and reconnected.

Any ideas?

Can you play media using the TIDAL app?

Thanks for your help. I verified that my new CC was working and my sub was in order. But somehow Tidal kicked me out anyway. I had to get into the settings for my music to find they had deselected everything. Once I clicked on the hi-fi output, it all came back. Strange but true.

Not sure why Roon maintained my covers an track listings, but O, well, all is good, thanks to you!