Coverting a MacMini from Core to Server

I just set up Roon for the first time a few weeks ago and am using a 2011 MacMini as my core with direct output to my DAC. I use Tidal and the CDs ripped to my Itunes library on my Mini as my music sources. Now that I understand how everything works, I would like to covert my Mini to Roon server software so that I dont need the monitor and keyboard in my audio system.
Can anyone tell me how to do that - i cant seem to find any threads on that. I would think I could just delete the Core application and then download the server, but I would like to be sure that does not cause any problems. I doubt I have much data saved in Roon at this point, so if I had to start fresh with Roon, it would not be a big problem, if that is the easiest approach.


No need to to start afresh – migrating from ‘full fat Roon’ to Roonserver is quite easy:

great, thanks for the quick answer