CPU and memory overuse, Roon extremely slow

Roon Core Machine

Dell XPS 15 7590 (Laptop)
Intel Core i7 9750H @2.6 GHz
Windows 10 Home 64 bit
Version 21H2
OS build 19044.2006

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Laptop accesses web via wifi using 5G Asus router, no recent changes. No VPN.

Connected Audio Devices

Primary player: Laptop with hardline connection to Mytek Brooklyn via USB cable. No recent changes.
Also, various Roon endpoints in house via wifi, none currently used.
All DSP and parametric equalization turned off, deleted, or disabled.

Number of Tracks in Library

370 standard albums from streaming services in Roon library + about 80 albums stored locally on Western Digital external SS hard drive.
Streaming accessed via Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions (tried disabling both in Roon).
No use of ARC. ARC app was downloaded to phone, but now deleted.

Description of Issue

For years, Roon worked very well although always was a heavy user of CPU and memory. In the last week or so (since installing version 2.0 build 1128?), the CPU instantly goes to 25% of capacity while the memory usage steadily climbs to over 15GB. During this time, I can no longer perform music searches and music either does not play or takes several minutes to play. It seems Roon is very busy doing something. Naturally I have closed the application, restarted the laptop several times as well as deleting the app and re-installing.

One potential hint: my Qobuz desktop app was also hanging up, so I deleted the app and re-installed it. It is now functioning normally.

Roon highly recommends you run a core over Ethernet NOT wifi - roon searches happen over the internet so a slow of spotty wifi connection will hinder things greatly

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What worked for Qobuz might well work for Roon. A clean install and restored backup might do the trick. As stated above WiFi working might be potentially problematic but the symptoms you describe don’t point to WiFi being the issue for me. That memory leak is something else.

Could someone from Roon support try to address this problem?

While I’m running roon server on ubuntu I just want to add that I’m also experiencing excessive memory use… Typically about 30gb of RAM gets utilized on my end for roon processes

Hi @Larry_Robbins,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting a response.

Can you please try and connect the PC to ethernet and see if this resolves the issues for you? We can look at all kinds of things but this is a major factor.


Not sure what the problem was that was causing the memory leak, although it was not related to using wifi. I turned off every option in Roon that I could find and the problem went away. Then I sequentially turned options back on and the problem remained quiescent. Currently Roon is using only about 1.5% of the CPU unlike the previously typical 10%, while RAM use has consistently remained < 1GB.

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