CPU Bios settings


What are the recommended CPU bios settings for ROCK?

I’ve turned off virtualization and turbo support, my goal is two fold, to not impact sound quality and reduce power usage. PC is connected via Ethernet to Roon Ready Oppo.

What are the recommendation for these settings?

Speedstep (saves watts, measured)
Hyperthreading (no difference in power or performance)
Turbo (currently off as CPU has enough power as is)
C-states (saves watts, measured)


Hey guys, any guidance? I’m not looking for hard and fast rules just your recommendations.

I know of people that under volt/under clock to save power and reduce heat. if you have the headroom, this may be a good place to look.

Thanks, no option to alter clocking in the bios of my machine, well turbo but I’ve turned it off as I figures the change in clock speed can’t be good for general stability of all; and I don’t need the extra cycles per second even with upsampling to DSD.

You may also try both settings for High Precision Event Timers (HPET): enabled / disabled. On my systems, this one has a big impact on sound quality.
Just try it, and chose the option that sounds better for you.