CPU Overload last night

Using Roon over a 2 hour period last night I noticed that the CPU usage was running between 65 - 80% Was a little surprised at that as I thought Roon was supposed to be light on CPU usage.

Any thoughts?

Had you imported a slew of new albums or pointed Roon at a new library ?

The background audio analysis on new music is usually the most intensive that Roon gets (until HQ Player and Roon can play nicely together, crosses fingers and knocks on wood).

You can dial the analysis down in Settings/Setup from Fast to Slow if you need the machine to be looking after other things. That does slow it down quite a lot though (depending on your gear) so some people prefer to leave it on Fast to get it over with asap.

If it’s not new music then one of the support grown ups (I’m just a user like you) might be able to help. If you can set out your system and the file types and resolution of the music you were listening to, then will probably help them narrow it down.

Thanks for the reply @andybob

Nothing too strenuous for Roon to cope with, just playing from a Playlist, not importing any files.

Playing a mix of Tidal tracks and my FLAC downloads mostly 16/44.1 MacMini to Meridian Explorer2 to Oppp PM3’s.

Lets see what the experts say when they’re up! In the UK here!

Hmmm, doesn’t sound like it should be taking more than half a dual core i5. Let’s ask @mike what he thinks.