CPU pitch noise Sonictransporter i5

Hi folks,

when my sonictransporter processes stuff (like skipping songs in Roon, or browsing through menus) it generates an oscillating pitch noise. This wasn’t present in the beginning so I wonder what this is? First I thought it sounds like a mechanical hardrive…but just a ssd working in it. I am only eager to send it from Germany to the US, if there no other option. I changed also nothing in the SW.

I can even hear it (when it is silent) from my listening distance which is over 3m.

I am in contact with Andrew and he will check it. Nevertheless I am curious to know, if this is only my luck or something which happened also to others and maybe somebody found a way to fix it.

You can listen for yourself. Very annoying. Hope to find some answers.

How are you powering it? A brick, a LPSU? And how is it connected to your system?

It wasn’t emitting the noise in the beginning. I have run it with the SMPS and LPS with no noise for weeks. Suddenly a week or so ago it started with that noise. No change of setup or SW.
Connection of the i5 is Ethernet only, so.

If I were you I’d try another SSD.

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Good idea! I will try to do it.

Well it is not that easy to test it by myself so I will send it to Andrew tomorrow for check and swapping necessary parts. Fingers crossed. Long way from Germany to US, but worth it. The i5 is a very cool little machine and I am counting days until I get it back :slight_smile: