CPU Spike Causes Audible Clicks

I use Roon at work, during coding (I’m a programmer).
When I debug on IntelliJ there are often spikes in CPU utilization, which cause clicks in Roon’s playback.
I had the same issue on my previous work’s laptop, and I solved it by giving the RAATServer.exe process a high CPU priority.
But for some reason it’s not enough anymore in my current laptop. I’m running Windows 10.

Any ideas for a good solution?

Plug a DAC in to get buffering?

Hello @Chikolad,

  • Do the clicks in playback happen for all of your playback zones or just one?
  • Are you using a DAC or just the PC’s “System Output” to play Roon content?
  • Which version of Roon are you using, 32-bit or 64-bit All-in-one or RoonServer?
  • How is your storage setup at work? Are you making use of a NAS or just local/streaming media?
  • Do the clicks occur for both streaming and local content?
  • How high are the CPU spikes?
  • What are the specs on that machine?