CPU Temperature

How hot does the cpu run in the nucleus ?

There is no way to tell.

Thats not good.Only way to tell if its running hot is if it shuts down.

If it shuts down it is faulty. The case can dissipate the required amount of heat. And I believe the Nucleus software has been tweaked to slow transitions in power causing heat to ramp up too quickly.

I did a lot of temperature monitoring of my old silent NUC build before I put ROCK on the box. It never gave cause for concern and I believe ROCK does not have those passive cooling tweaks.

Does it really matter?

It did to me until I had a good look and eased my own concerns.

I have already requested support and had no response on this issue. My Imac I9 2019 where the core is installed regularly reaches very high temperatures, I need to restart the Imac for the process to stop but only for a few hours. Everything happens again, only interrupts when I restart Imac. Well, I decided to buy ROON NUCLEUS but by the comments, seems to me to have the same problem. Is that what I understood? I do not believe!


It does not have the same problem.

What is your room/location temperature? Is the location ventilated? You should not be overheating unless your environment is unfriendly.

It shuts down cleanly. What would you do to stop the heat other than shut down cleanly?

I have not installed my Nucleus yet but I am worried because I am having serious problems with my Imac I9. Always have to reset to not overheat.
The temperature of my room is absolutely normal.

That i9 CPU is hot, but it shouldn’t overheat if your ventilation is good and your room is room temperature. I’d call Apple since you may have faulty hardware.

Nucleus should not have this issue, as it runs much cooler already and your iMac issue sounds like faulty Apple hardware.

We make product decisions based on actual issues, not worries about potential issues. Let’s see what happens once you install the Nucleus.

Thank you Danny.
I don’t think it’s a problem with my computer. This only happens when I’m using Roon, as I said Roon works for a few hours and the computer gets overheated. Just getting out of Roon that everything goes back to normal is a problem with Roon.
I use a lot of software that requires a lot more than Roon and I have no problem.
Note that there are a lot of people complaining about overheating in this same forum.

I think it would be important to check this out


The point that would concern me there is it shouldn’t matter how hard Roon works the iMac, it should still be able to cool itself. If you get another program that works the machine, it’ll shut down too.