Crack noises only on Radio stream from Radio France

Happy user of Roon since 6 month, I am facing strange phenomena since few days. When listening radio stream from Radio France stations I have really annoying crack noises. Example : France Inter, FIP, France Info live broadcast. They all suffer the same issue. I have absolutely no issue with other Radios. Example Radio Paradise, whatever be the format works perfectly. No issue neither with my local flac or Quobuzz stream.

I suspect Radio France stations changed something in their broadcast coding ???

I am listening roon with Roopy and allo digione.

Any suggestions please ?

Thanks !!

Hi Laurent,
Is your core a Roon ROCK? If yes have you installed the required codecs?
Do you have the issue on both AAC and MP3 streams? For FIP do you have the issue on the metadata stream as well (the one starting with 34…)?

Hello @laurent_le_parc, I’ve checked the streams currently used by France Inter against those used by Roon and they are the same - no change there. I’ve also analysed the streams and can see nothing untoward. Finally I’ve played them and I get no crack noises.

It’s very strange that other stations give you no trouble. Have you tried specifically aac and mp3 streams (not flac) elsewhere? As @alec_eiffel says, that might point to your codecs.

Has anything changed in your system in the last few days? Have you tried the old standby - reboot everything?

Also have you paid your taxes? Radio France is state owned :slight_smile:
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