Crackles during playback

Hi everyone,

Since the 1.6 update I’ve noted some short crackling sounds when playing music. I mostly stream via Qobuz, but also noticed these noises when playing from my library which is on the NUC. I just did a little test and the crackling is really apparent in the first few seconds of a song streamed via Qobuz. I’ve already ruled out any clipping issues.

My setup is a 7i5bnh NUC with ROCK installed connected via ethernet to a Devialet 140 pro.

Does someone else is experiencing something similar and has some clues maybe?


Hi @Melkboer,

We are currently investigating some reports with Devialet devices. Can you please let me know if this same issue still occurs when using other zones or is it limited just to Devialet?


Hi @noris,

Thanks for your reply. The only other zone I have is my phone, I’ll give it a try. For now, could you please check what happened at 19:46 CET? Playback stopped, but I was able to get it playing again by starting the track over again.

Maybe this is helpful.


Hello @Melkboer,

I just checked the timestamps you provided and it appears that the connection to the internet went down, causing the track to stop playback and I don’t think that this is related to the crackles issue.

If you are able to reproduce this issue with non-Devialet zones please let me know.


@noris Thanks for checking this!
I just played some stuff from my phone, also stuff from Qobuz and adding other songs in the que while playing, issue didn’t seem to appear on this zone.


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I had the same issue with Roons direct use of Devialet Air. I had to use the Devialet Air software (3.04) and now I can play 192/24 from Qobus.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one with this issue. However, with the current (I believe 12.0.0) software version there were no issues until about a week ago. Kinda strange. I don’t really feel like going back to older firmware.
Thanks for your reply though!

The last fw for the Devialet is 13.0.0. I had a break from Roon for 9 months so I only know that I had no problem with Roon 1.3 (without the Devialet software.running on a PC) for a long time. I have used the last 2 weeks troubleshooting my players and network, other player are OK so in my system I’m pretty sure it’s the Roon Air implementation that has some issues. As a temp fix I now play (from Roon) with the OSX mixer.

Glad that you’ve got a workaround figured out. It’s a bit of a hassle to me, hope the Roon team will be able to resolve the issue. It worked perfectly like a week ago

I’m just waiting for the offisiell RAAT support, the rest is a temp fix for me.

Yeah that would be nice, but I’m thinking that may take a while. Hope the issue will be resolved sooner

I also hope they fix it asap, but the certification has been ongoing since midt October 2018 (ref. mail from Devialet) and I think there is a lot of people waiting for this.


Just to make sure, could you confirm the Roon team is working on this crackling issue? It really makes listening to music a bad experience since I’m just waiting for the next crackle instead of listening to music now. Thanks!

BTW, this might help: A lot of crackles happen at the beginning of each song, when the processing speed in the signal path is increasing until it’s up to speed. Although during the song it also still occurs, though less long / often.

Hi Melkober,

We are in contact with Devialet with a few of the issues you mentioned and investigating at this time.
As soon as I have any new information to share I’ll be sure to let you know.

– Noris

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