Crackles on every song when using Bluesound node 2i

Core Machine
iMac 2017 i7
32GB memory 500GB SSD
Latest OS build
Most up to date Roon build

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

  1. Both iMac and Bluesound connected via Ethernet to Sky Hub / Router
    iMac connected via Netgear powerline AV500 adaptor as resides in basement.

  2. Lossless ALAC files with 16/44 stored on WD Mybook 1TB and connected to router via Ethernet.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

  1. Bluesound node 2i to Yamaha A-S2100 amplifier. Connected to router via Ethernet.
  2. Core Audio output of iMac
  3. Sonos play 1 and play 3. Connected via wifi.

Description Of Issue
I am experiencing several 2 second episodes of crackle and almost like tape warble on every track played through the Bluesound node 2i.

This always occurs within the first 5 -20 seconds of a new track playing and happens again at least twice in an average 3-4 minute track.

It occurs no matter if playing a track from Qobuz or files from the network drive and only on the Bluesound Node and not the iMacs core audio or the Sonos speakers.

I’m currently on a 14 day trial and I’m very happy with the interface anf library and zone management over the Bluesound app but this is just so frustrating and couldn’t go for a sub if this can’t be resolved.

Hi @Declan_Meehan,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for reaching out!
Can you please confirm the following?

  1. Does this same issue occur on your iMac’s System Output zone, or does it only impact the Node 2i?

  2. Are you using the latest BluOS firmware? I would use the BluOS app to ensure you are on the latest firmware, as there have been some recent improvements in this area.

Thanks for replying @noris

  1. No it doesnt occur on the core audio iMac output. Even when zoned together for the same track, the crackles and wobble only occurs on the node 2i output.

  2. Yes the bluOS updated last week and I’ve checked I’m on the latest firmware.

Ive rebooted the router this evening and changed and swapped connections from the blusound to the router but unfortunately it hasnt made a difference.

Any further suggestions welcomed as this is very frustrating.

Thanks for checking that @Declan_Meehan.
As for the next step, I’d like to simplify this aspect a bit:

What happens if you bypass the Yamaha Amp, do you still hear the static?

Is the Node the only device on powerline? Or how exactly does the iMac and the Node communicate in that room, are you using a switch?

Thanks @noris

  1. Yes the crackle/static comes through the node’s headphone output as well

  2. So this was part of the swapping of cables i tried. The node was connected via Ethernet to a switch that gives me more connections from my router but now i have the node going direct to the Sky router and the issue is still there.

To elaborate further on how the connections are , my router and node 2i are in my living room in my main listening space with my hi fi set up.
The iMac is in my basement wired via powerline .
So only the iMac is connected by powerline.

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Thanks for running those tests and confirming that just the Node 2i is impacted by the issue @Declan_Meehan, in this case we should take a closer look at the Node itself.

  1. If you try to use the BluOS app or another app to stream to the Node, do you hear the crackles?
  2. Does the same issue happen with Airplay to the Node via Roon?
  3. Where is the Node plugged in, can you try a different plug/outlet in case it’s electrical noise?
  4. Any change in behavior if you factory reset the Node?

Thanks @noris

Went through all those and the factory reset of the node seems to have sorted it

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Hi @Declan_Meehan,

That’s fantastic news, happy to hear the reset resolved this issue!

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