Crackling from Bluesound Node via USB

Roon Core Machine

I have the new generation Bluesound Node, Small Green Computer Sonic Transport i7, ethernet cable into both. Using Quboz. When using a USB cable from Node to my Rotel RA-1592 there is constant crackling in the sound. I switch to Coax and this goes away. I switch to Optical and this goes away. I use BluOS instead of Roon software and the crackling goes away. This is Build 1169, but it was happening in older builds too. Everything is updated with current software releases. I worked with Bluesound techs and they said they are working with Roon on this. Help please. I was about to buy the lifetime Roon subscription, but now I’m not so sure.

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I used to just get the crackling when using USB now it seems it’s happening with Coax and optical as well (since the update)…
Good luck getting a resolution…

It’s a known issue as you have found and it’s with bluesound to fix it.

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