Cracklings on macbook


In changed my computer because broken.
With the previous one (mac mini I5 ) i did’nt have any problem.

With the new one (mac book pro I5 256 GB SSD 8 GB RAM High sierra). I hear continuos craclkings during listening both with tracks of my library (at the moment 4 GB pendrive) and Tidal.

How to resolve this issue?

@support hello, waiting for your reply

Hi, @enzo_cirino, could you please describe your setup as it asked here ?

What device does give you these crackles?

What type of content causes these crackles ( flac, alac, aiff, etc and its resolution )?





Roon version 1.4 build 298 stable 64 bit

OS: High Sierra

Device: Mac Book Pro late 2011 I5- 8 GB- ssd 256 GB connected via USB with Audiolab 8200 (cd player dac)

Storge: pen drive 4 GB

Collection size.: 8 tracks

Network: router TP link AC 1750 connected via ethernet cable to macbook

Tidal: Italian account HIFI

Issue: when listenig Tidal or tracks on storage unit (files wav) i hear several crackles both with tidal and tracks i have the same problem.


Sounds to me like it might be a System Output, non Exclusive Mode, issue. Try using Built-In Output instead and under Device Setup > Playback Tab, click on Exclusive Mode.

If that doesn’t work, post a screenshot of your Signal Path.

Cheers, Greg


You are Great ! Problem solved. Thanks

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