Craft breweries

Have you witnessed the growth of Craft Breweries, together they don’t get to the volume of even the smallest “big brewery” but they are enormously popular because they produce a novel, different product , just saying

For reference the big brewery I worked in produced 400 million litres a year , and that was no 4 in the group !

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Depends on which country you live in. I come from the land of beer so I’m used to have a choice of local beers since before I was old enough to legally order a beer, (personal musing: lager is not beer).


I assume Germany ?

The Craft revolution hit the US and UK years back , these are mostly tiny , one man breweries, of like the local small “real” breweries, most of which have folded been bought etc by the big boys.

I was a Big Boy brewmaster in the UK and South Africa

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Sounds more like Belgium. I am from Germany. Some nice crafts here as well, but in all fairness, you cant beat Belgium. (OT)

Jaysus man, Germany?

I’m Belgian. :beers:


don’t be so hard on us… :wink:

So at least I got that right :joy::joy::joy:

Nah, I’m not hard on you guys. It’s just that we’ve got more beers. It’s the one and only thing we don’t stink at :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Does Belgium have any experience in making spirits? Belgian Whiskey? Belgian Brandy?

I’m not Belgian, but like the country… So look here:

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Thanks, but no Gin for me. Bad experience 30 years ago. The smell of Juniper chases me off.

Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, and Brandy (Apples or Grapes) are my favs.

Well, jenever is different from gin. Only juniper berries are used, no other botanicals. In its pure form it’s less bitter than the London Dry variety.

There are a lot of varieties with added fruit flavors, especially lemon. There are also chocolate jenevers.

There are Belgian whiskies, though I wouldn’t wish those on my worst enemies. I much prefer the whlskeys (note the spelling) of my paternal grandfather’s homeland.

All in all, beer is what we do best in this country. We’ve over 1600 varieties.

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Chimay blue


Mmmm, La Trappe Quadrupel on a cold winters day around a roaring fire!


A very nice beer. Unfortunately we Belgians can’t take credit for that one. It’s Dutch :slight_smile:


Oops, my apologies to all of Belgium :smiley:

And my thanks to the Trappist Monks at the abbey in Berkel-Enschot.

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Sorry , no way to tell :shushing_face:

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Ah the fond memory of visiting The Netherlands and an afternoon with ginever and bitterballen. Match made in heaven.

But getting back to ROON’s supposed fragility with only 250K customers. They are not a streaming service but a niche music player. Here in the land of Oz niche craft beers and gins are doing very nicely providing a quality product compared to the mass producers. Local butchers have adapted to the mass supermarkets, again providing value added products or just quality. There are always people willing to pay for quality not just lowest denominator.

Good products will always have a market and ROON is a good product still evolving.

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Yesss, absolutely!

No apologies necessary. Besides, with a last name like yours, I’m sure we share a common heritage.