Cranberries - Everybody else...... wrong review


The review seems to be for their third album, not their wonderful first one.


Hi @Sloop_John_B, same here.

I do have To the Faithful Departed as well and the review indeed belongs to that one.
AllMusic does have a review for Everybody Else Is Doing It…
A Roon database issue?

Good spot. The problem is a rogue release associated with the album in the TiVo metadata which is fooling out review selection. I’ll report this to TiVo. Thanks!

Still wrong.
(Unaware of this thread, I had started to post about the incorrect review when the wonderful forum software alerted me to this. How clever is that? )

To add insult to injury, the Departed album is unavailable on Tidal anyway.

Thanks @BrianW. TiVo made a change, but failed to alter the incorrect review. I’ve pinged them to do that.