Crash clicking on Artist Details

The copy of Roon that I am running as a remote on my Macbook Pro (16Gz , 2.6 Ghz Core i7) crashes several times a day, it seems to happen after I go to Collection Arists start keying in a few letters of artist name and then click the icon of the artist I am looking for.

I just re start Roon and all is well, oddly I never get the Apple “unexpected quit…” dialog.I thought at first I might be doing some odd combination of key strokes to cause the quit but it has happened enough times to indicate it is something else.

Hey @bplexico, Sorry to hear your having such issue. It looks like you had this crash on build 2. Have you experienced the same issue after updating the client to build 3?

@vova - it has been rock solid on build 3.